Well, the letter is in…

Posted by cadi on Apr 8th, 2010
Apr 8


For better or worse, I resigned on Monday.


It may not be effective til the end of May, but this is the first major step completed.


No one has yelled at me or cried. Those who dislike me have been polite and considerate. And most importantly, my friends still love me. As someone who tends to loose all friendships when embarking upon life-altering changes, I cannot describe to you how much this terrified me.


I still worry about things falling apart after I’m gone but realize that I have to let it go (despite what the deep-seated, gnawing fear in my tummy tells me). However, I’m such an all or nothing person that I will never persue my dreams if I don’t get out of this office.


So, what now? It would be lying if I said I had no clue. I have so many ideas that it’s becoming a struggle to narrow it down to just a few to start with. I see some serious housecleaning¬† (both physical and mental) in my near future. I also think some serious redevelopment of old skills are going to be necessary. Eventually, I hope this poor little nonexistent blog will become a part of that.


We’ll see.


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