Trying not to worry

Posted by cadi on Aug 12th, 2008
Aug 12

Does this animal look neglected to you?


Spoiled rotten puppy


Yeah, I didn’t think so either.


My puppy-bear is at the vet today having work done. I’m not sure I’ll be happy till she home again tonight.


To keep my mind occupied, I’m in the planning stages of a new sweater. Ever since the Kauni madness hit last year (do a search for Kauni on Flicker and see what I mean), I knew I’d have to make one. I just had a few issues to overcome:

  • A complete lack of experience in stranded knitting
  • Fear that this beautiful wool that cost me so much to ship from the Netherlands would be horrifically scratchy
  • Fear of ruining said expensive beautiful wool by cutting for steeks
  • Complete boredom with the pattern


So far, all obsticles have been over come with this swatch.


Kauni Swatch